Monday, September 15, 2008

Micco Nova Duplantis, lotus born at home on July 7, 2008.

You are now 2 months old and you are an absolute joy. You love to smile and sing us songs. You have discovered your fists and you like to suck on those. Bath time is by far your favorite thing. I am watching the bond between you and Bodhi grow everyday. You are such a content little guy and you are happy to sit and watch things from your bouncy chair and hangout on my lap.

I will admit that I was nervous about having 2 littles around, but it is truly great. Our days are certainly full of happiness, mixed with a bit of Bodhi adjusting to all of this "big brother" stuff. The other day he told me he wanted Micco back in my tummy.

I am still crafting a little everyday - even if it is just a couple of stitches on a knitting project. It keeps my creativity flowing. I have big projects going on in my head which can sometimes be overwhelming. They will all come together in time!

Many blessings during this warm fall season.


walk in the woods said...

How sweet!

I found your blog through a link over at Little Seedlings.
I can't believe I am finally finding some canadian waldorf mamas. How wonderful.
I will be coming back to visit often.

Sheila said...

Lovely picture! It's so nice to read an update, I think of you often. I've moved to chilliwack so I'd love to get together for a playdate one day. I love an excuse to come to Vancouver!

fern said...

anna and family! i check in so often to look at your pictures and wait to hear how its all going. im happy to read that all is going well. bodhi sounds like a wonderful big brother..and they all have moments of doubt, no matter how much they love them! im still way far away, but one of these days ill come back to the coast and i cant wait to meet micco!
give my love to randy and bodhi
xoxo fern

jodi said...

micco is a beautiful beautiful name

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