Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Most days...

Most days I feel like I can accomplish my daily tasks. Most days I enjoy the rhythm of having little ones around. Most days I don't mind the sound of the laundry washing or the small pitter-patter of feet hopping round. Oh and most days I don't mind being asked to create swords and compasses and paint faces of all sorts. Most days I feel like a damn good mama. But today I don't. And it is not because of anything really. I guess its normal to get a little overwhelmed every once and awhile.

In the past when I would have days like this, I would get stuck and I would find it hard to let go of it. These days when it happens, I let it and then I actually move on!

I am beginning to realize that although I have a list of things to do that goes on forever, they will get done in due time.

We are just back from a trip up to Tofino which was a mixed bag of events. Just when you think you are in a good groove, you plan a trip and boom!