Sunday, April 27, 2008

It has been so long my friends! The rhythm of our days is often full and I find myself with little energy for things besides catching up on others' blogs or checking out flickr. Perhaps it is a prelude of what is to come.... this baby is growing big in my belly and I am now 33 weeks pregnant. I still feel quite comfortable (though I am big), and I do feel like I still have a huge amount of things to do before our life is totally changed! I savor the quite moments, and feel grateful for the little time I do have to spend in the studio.

We were recently in Tofino for 5 days visiting my brother. I will admit that I was extremely lazy and exhausted while there and spent most of my time in doors while everyone else ventured out to the beaches, forests etc. The weather was (as usual) windy/sunny/cold/hail/snow/rain and all in one day! We ate a huge amount of bread, which is hard not to do when there is a bakery right where you are staying! Bodhi even baked his own loaf (he put in one raisin, one pumkin seed and a sprinkle of millet). Fun times!