Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Most days...

Most days I feel like I can accomplish my daily tasks. Most days I enjoy the rhythm of having little ones around. Most days I don't mind the sound of the laundry washing or the small pitter-patter of feet hopping round. Oh and most days I don't mind being asked to create swords and compasses and paint faces of all sorts. Most days I feel like a damn good mama. But today I don't. And it is not because of anything really. I guess its normal to get a little overwhelmed every once and awhile.

In the past when I would have days like this, I would get stuck and I would find it hard to let go of it. These days when it happens, I let it and then I actually move on!

I am beginning to realize that although I have a list of things to do that goes on forever, they will get done in due time.

We are just back from a trip up to Tofino which was a mixed bag of events. Just when you think you are in a good groove, you plan a trip and boom!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Bodhi

Today Bodhi turned 4!  4!  I am in total dismay that time could go by so quickly.  We had a wonderful day full of family, friends, tasty food, halloween celebrations, and of course birthday fun.

Bodhi usually dresses up everyday so this year most of his gifts were costumes.  He had many ideas about what he would wear for Halloween... mostly creatures that were "scary".  When he opened his gifts this morning and received his knight shirt, shield and sword he was set on being a knight.

Happy Birthday my little love.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Micco Nova Duplantis, lotus born at home on July 7, 2008.

You are now 2 months old and you are an absolute joy. You love to smile and sing us songs. You have discovered your fists and you like to suck on those. Bath time is by far your favorite thing. I am watching the bond between you and Bodhi grow everyday. You are such a content little guy and you are happy to sit and watch things from your bouncy chair and hangout on my lap.

I will admit that I was nervous about having 2 littles around, but it is truly great. Our days are certainly full of happiness, mixed with a bit of Bodhi adjusting to all of this "big brother" stuff. The other day he told me he wanted Micco back in my tummy.

I am still crafting a little everyday - even if it is just a couple of stitches on a knitting project. It keeps my creativity flowing. I have big projects going on in my head which can sometimes be overwhelming. They will all come together in time!

Many blessings during this warm fall season.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It has been so long my friends! The rhythm of our days is often full and I find myself with little energy for things besides catching up on others' blogs or checking out flickr. Perhaps it is a prelude of what is to come.... this baby is growing big in my belly and I am now 33 weeks pregnant. I still feel quite comfortable (though I am big), and I do feel like I still have a huge amount of things to do before our life is totally changed! I savor the quite moments, and feel grateful for the little time I do have to spend in the studio.

We were recently in Tofino for 5 days visiting my brother. I will admit that I was extremely lazy and exhausted while there and spent most of my time in doors while everyone else ventured out to the beaches, forests etc. The weather was (as usual) windy/sunny/cold/hail/snow/rain and all in one day! We ate a huge amount of bread, which is hard not to do when there is a bakery right where you are staying! Bodhi even baked his own loaf (he put in one raisin, one pumkin seed and a sprinkle of millet). Fun times!